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Read and Sign a Book

Sing and Sign a Song

to empower and educate young




Our tailor made training workshops are educational, fun and affordable.

You will learn:

• BSL Signs

• How to sign with your children

• Using signs in Songs and Rhymes

• Using BSL as a tool for classroom management which can improve children’s behaviour

• BSL and Deaf Awareness

• Support the use of BSL signs as a bridge for children and parents whose first language is not English

• The benefits of using signs from BSL in Nurseries and Pre-school programmes for all children

• Your BSL in a box will have additional laminated Handouts and resources needed for the workshop.

Workshop prices

Prices includes your BSL in a Box



Don’t worry if the children in your care have never done baby signing.

The needs of a baby and a toddler are very different. 


Marilyn Daniels, a professor Emerita of communication Arts and Sciences at the Pennsylvania state university, USA, has done extensive research into the benefits of using signs with hearing children. She writes “Sign language has many advantages for hearing children. It influences a child’s ability to attend, often increases self-esteem: boosts enthusiasm and a readiness to learn”. Sign language is such a powerful, brain friendly tool,that can open up a child’s mind and optimize their learning in the core subjects of our ABC’s, and phonic learning, Numeracy, Colours, Animals and much more.

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