Why Use BSL Sign?

Why use BSL signs (British Sign Language) in early years education at home, in nursery or pre-school and junior school? Here are some of the benefits:

  • Total inclusion for Deaf children into mainstream nursey and school

  • Signing provides a concrete visual image of the spoken and written word which enables children to learn and retain sight vocabulary

  • All children can learn it, which builds confidence and self esteem

  • Using the correct BSL signs will help Deaf children reach their true potential

  • If a Deaf child moves schools or needs an interpreter, the BSL signs are consistent

  • It is a natural and easy language to learn

  • Reduces frustration for your baby and you!

  • Babies spend less time crying and having tantrums because they are understood

  • Strengthens the bond between parent and child/ teacher and child

  • Signing enhances early learning skills

  • Accelerates verbal languages development

  • Gives children a head start on early literacy skills





I use Makaton

is that ok?

Makaton is not a language. Makaton is a system that uses symbols and signs to communicate and is mainly used with children and adults with learning disabilities. BSL is a rich beautiful expressive full language used by Deaf children and adults. We encourage educators and parents to use the BSL signs with their preverbal hearing children so that our Deaf children are fully inclusive. Furthermore, when our Deaf children are in school or as they grow and maybe go to university or visit a doctor, a lawyer or in employment, their interpreter or communicating support worker, will all be using BSL, not Makaton and so it is important for Deaf children to be exposed to the correct signs so that they will reach their true potential.

Download the Paper by Brenda Devitt:

Signing with Babies and Young Children