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"I know more than you think I know"


It's true why wait to communicate!

For babies’ crying has always been part of the communication process.

For parents it alerts them that something is wrong. Until recently, parents often have to play the ‘guessing game’ not knowing exactly what was wrong as their babies are unable to talk.


Today however, many parents are discovering the joy of teaching their hearing babies to sign, using British Sign Language signs.

This provides babies with the ability to communicate their wants, and needs at a very early age, long before they can actually say the words. This is widely known today as ‘Baby Signing.’

Hearing Parents

of a Deaf Baby

You may be surprised to know that most Deaf children are born to hearing parents. It is not unusual for a parent of a Deaf baby to be shocked, even upset, especially if they have never encountered any deafness in their family. No doubt you have lots of questions such as...

What Are The Benefits?

Deaf Parents

Any of our programs can be delivered into British Sign language.

Contact Brenda (a Qualified BSL Interpreter) who will be happy to discuss your needs in BSL of course!

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Is signing just for pre-verbal babies?

No, it is not. Toddlers / pre-school children love signing and benefit from using it to enhance literacy skills. In fact, children learn their letters and sounds and enjoy reading earlier with the aid of using BSL signs. A must do activity as signing really works. It is effective for promoting early communication, literacy skills and is great fun to do.  


This is what we can provide:

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  • 1:1 Signing (BSL) instruction

  • Practical advice to help you and your baby sign with each other

  • Fun methods to encourage early communication from birth

  • The research and knowledge to understand why early signed communication is so important

  • Deaf Awareness / Deaf History

  • Tips for signing success

  • Sign Posting you to other great organisations like the NCDS

  • Learning through signing songs


The enhanced BSL in a box comes with 3 hours of signing tuition.

If you would like more sessions or a more bespoke programme, please contact Brenda who will be happy to discuss this with you.

Never seen babies signing?

Look at these videos and imaging the joy and how beneficial it would be to understand what your baby needed.

Testimonial: Read how happy this mum was with her child's progress!


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